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These People Are In Some Vague Way Connected To Me In Some Form Of Possibility

Pissed Ahnk presents the following list of 7 people who chose to accept his friendship request

Here Are Some Things That People Have Said About Ahnk In A Collection Of Their Own Uncensored Words

this link is what you click if you would like to leave a record of something for Ahnk or people like Ahnk to see

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    XD Wouldn't do any good, they were wreck'd.
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    Obviously they were removed, where they are now I can't say :P
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    Reply from Pissed Ahnk:

    We should find them! Where did you... uh... where did you see them last? Percieve. Uh, crap.
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    *waves back* Hope everything is going well for you :)
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